Half hour = £30
1 hr = £50
1.5 hrs = £70
2 hrs = £90

Special deals for multiple sessions

The third session is half the above price. The 10th session is free.

Often times, certain issues cannot be resolved with one treatment but only over a series of treatments. We have the following attractive discounts for multiple sessions. If you decide to pay up front you will get an extra 10% discount and you have up to 3 sessions to decide.

10 x 1hr sessions:

Paid in advance – You get another 10% discount = £382. Saving of £118. Works out at around £38 for 1hr session instead of £50.

10 x 1.5hr sessions:

Paid in advance – You get another 10% discount.Total of £535. Saving of £165. Works out at just under £54 for a 1.5hr session instead of £70.

10 x 2hr sessions:

Paid in advance – You get an extra 10% discount. So a total of £688 for the 10 treatments. Saving of £212. Works out at  £69 for each 2hr session instead of £90.

… we do offer half hour treatments but only for chair massages.

10 x 30 min sessions:

Paid in advance- You get another 10% discount = £239. Saving of £61.

Special rates: Our philosophy is that it isn’t only those who can afford it that should get massages but anyone who needs one, irrespective of income. So we do have special rates for those on benefits, low income, single mothers, students or carers. So if you really could do with a massage, talk to us.

Mobile massage: We can either come to your place if you are unable to travel or you can come to us. Daniel can travel up to 25 miles from his practice in Bushey (near Watford) to either your home or office if it is more convenient for you. A small charge of £1 a mile to cover travel expenses (fuel and time) is applicable. The amount is dependent on the distance traveled from his practice to you. For example, if it is 20 miles away then £20 will be added to your total. Only the one way mileage or distance is included. Minimum charge for travel is £10.

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If we are unable to answer your call simply leave a message and we will get back to you as soon as possible