Half hour = £30
1 hr = £55 (First 3rd session £30)

1.5 hrs = £80
2 hrs = £100

3rd session half price (only the very first 3rd session)

10th session always free.


Special deals for 10 sessions if paying in advance (paying the balance after the 3 rd session)    


Often times, certain issues cannot be resolved with one treatment but only over a series of treatments. We have the following attractive discounts for multiple sessions. If you decide to pay up front you will get an extra discount and you have up to 3 sessions to decide.


To find out more about discounts please discuss it with us when you come.

10x30min = £230

10x1 hr = £421

10x1.5 hrs = £612

10x2 hrs = £765

Online Sessions via Zoom Video Call

Free 15 minute assessment

Following sessions follow same prices as above

Special rates: Our philosophy is that it isn’t only those who can afford it that should get massages but anyone who needs one, irrespective of income. So we do have special rates for those on benefits, low income, single mothers, students or carers. So if you really could do with a massage, talk to us.

Mobile massage: We can either come to your place if you are unable to travel or you can come to us. Daniel can travel from his practice in Bushey (near Watford) to either your home or office if it is more convenient for you. A small charge of £1 a mile to cover travel expenses (fuel and time) is applicable. The amount is dependent on the distance traveled from his practice to you.

For example, anywhere within a 3 miles radius from our practice is £10, which is the minimum call out charge. After 3 miles, a £1 a mile charge is added to the minimum charge of £10.

For example, if it is 20 miles away then an additional £17 will be added to the minimum charge of £10 and hence it will cost £27. Only the one way mileage or distance is included. This additional travel cost may not apply in circumstances where we can arrange to see other clients close by.

If it can be arranged to see 4 people in an area, then no extra travel costs are incurred.If there is only one other client in that area then the travel costs can be halved etc.

Any questions concerning this please phone us.